Широкополосник (Широкополосный динамик) Skar Audio PAX 6.5

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Артикул:pax658ohm Skar Audio
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Импеданс: 8 Ohm8 Ohm4 Ohm
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PAX-6.5 Pro Audio Speaker

Skar Audio introduces the PAX Pro Audio series speaker line to set the new standard in the pro audio market. This new line was designed from the ground up with one goal in mind... To build an extremely loud, yet clear, midrange speaker that operates at the highest efficiency. Starting with a competition grade Neodymium motor, paired with a high quality 2" voice coil,  there was no expense spared in the construction of these speakers. Only the highest quality components are used in the assembly of the PAX Pro Audio line, which is what allows them to continually out perform the competition.

Available in two common coil configurations, these are very easy to manipulate for use with many other PAX Pro Audio speakers in one system installation. The highly efficient design of these speakers incorporate several characteristics that allow for cool and reliable use overe extended periods of time. This includes our unique motor heat sink which dissipates extra added heat. Couple all of these design features with the soft parts this speaker is designed with, and you have a pro audio speaker that is making a statement in every vehicle which they are installed.

Technical Information

Col Options : SVC 4 Ohm / SVC 8 Ohm
6.5" Pro Audio Midrange Speaker
Sold Individually
RMS Power : 150 Watts
Magnet Material : Neodymium
6 Layer High Quality Spider
Useable Frequency Range : 65Hz-10kHz
Sensitivity : 89.2dB 1W/1m
2" KSV Voice Coil 2L/2T
10MM Top & Back Plate
Spring Push Terminals
Outside Diameter : 6.6" (168mm)
Mounting Depth : 3.1" (80mm)
Magnet Diameter : 3.3" (85mm)
Cut Out Diameter : 5.8" (148mm)
Общие характеристики
Тип:Широкополосник (Широкополосный динамик)Типоразмер:6.5 дюйм.
Номинальная мощность, Вт:150
Параметры Тиля-Смолла
Импеданс (Z) (Ом):4/8
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  Skar Audio PAX 6.5 8 Ohm
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Skar Audio PAX 6.5 8 Ohm
Розничная цена:15000 руб.15000 руб.
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  Skar Audio PAX 6.5 4 Ohm
Товар дняУспей купить
Skar Audio PAX 6.5 4 Ohm
Розничная цена:15000 руб.15000 руб.
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