Кроссовер Zapco ASP-Q1

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Артикул:ASP-Q1 Zapco
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6 канальный, 5 полосный эквалайзер/предусилитель 9.5В.

Five bands of Parametric Equalization: Since no two cars are the same, there is no way  for us to know  exactly where the center points need to be in any particular car. The ASP-Q1 lets you vary the center point of each of your 5 EQ bands to put the correction exactly where you need it to custom tune your system to your car.
Variable 18dB/octave electronic crossover: There are 4 crossover filters on the ASP-Q1. You can only 3 filters to configure a 2-way system with a sub woofer and front and rear speakers with high pass or full range and fade front to back from the EQ. You can also use all 4 filters and confiigure an active 3-way system with a woofer, a band passed midrange, and a high pass for tweeter.
Separate Bass Control: Bass output is controlled separately. The bass lever lets you balance the bass to the highes. As well as the crossover filter for the bass there is a bass phase control to adjust the phase of the bass signal from 0 to 180 degrees to help align the bass wave to the rest of the system.
Auxiliary input: The ASP-Q1 has an auxiliary input so you can play from another in-car source ro from a portable player.
Input gain controls: Each channel of both main and Auxiliary input has its own input signal adjustment.
Balanced/Unbalanced Inputs: The ASP-Q1 can accept either balanced inputs, with a Bal/UnBal switch for Main-in and Aux-in.
Tiffany style panel mount RCA connectors: These give positive, trouble free RCA signal connection
High voltage power supply: The ASP-Q1 has a remote high voltage power supply for or a true 9.5 Volt RMS preamp output.

THD < 0.001%THD
Signal to Noise Ratio > 110dB
Stereo Separation 92dB
Headroom 20dB
Preamp Output 9.5V RMS / 14V Peak
Dimensions (mm): 121(W, w/RCA) x 25.5(H) x 176(L)
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Количество каналов:6Отношение сигнал/шум, дБ:> 110Коэффициент гармонических искажений (THD), %:< 0,001
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