Shok Industries

Shok Industries
Shok Industries was started in 2008 with 2 things in mind: performance and efficiency.
We wanted a product that will not only kick ass, but also not be a PAIN in the ass to use. What good is a product if breaking your fingers is part of the install process.
The competition field is our test ground. Graphs, fancy numbers and complicated formulas mean squat to us!
What we want are results under REAL world conditions and also COMPETITION conditions. We have competitors from all walks of life with all sorts of systems running our products.
Our international competitors put our products the the extreme test. With Alan Dante and Shocker Hal, both World Champions and record holders  pushing our cables to the limit, you can be assured that when you run our products, you won’t be normal: You’ll be in the league of competitors.
So now, isn’t it time you gave your sound system what it needs.
Join us and be prepared to FEEL THE POWAAAAAA!!!!
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