Mechman Alternators can build a high output alternator for almost any application with outputs ranging from 150a to 370a. We specialize in bolt-in high output charging solutions for your vehicle, with applications to fit almost any application. We offer alternator upgrades for many applications that use the latest technology to provide a high output alternator that is far superior to the original design in both durability and performance. We are continually developing new applications to provide the broadest coverage of vehicles of any high output alternator manufacturer. If we don't have a bolt-in alternator for your vehicle, we offer a variety of high output universal units that can easily be adapted to your application. Our experienced staff can also design and build for custom applications. Contact us by phone or email for more information.

Our staff members have years of hands on experience with drag racing, road racing, desert racing, rock crawling, boating, and car audio, as well as commercial and armored vehicles. Regardless of what you are working on, chances are that we have the solution to any problem.
MechMan has been shipping high output alternators to almost every continent since 1978. Originally founded from humble beginnings out of a home garage by engineer Dennis Moore, MechMan Alternators has grown into one of the leading providers of high output alternators to the automotive aftermarket. MechMan currently employs a staff comprised entirely of automotive enthusiasts, whose combined knowledge allows for a well-rounded understanding of all types of vehicle modification. MechMan alternators have been featured in numerous publications including:

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