Ascendant Audio

Ascendant Audio
Ascendant Audio products are designed to meet the needs of the discerning audiophile and daily ground pounder alike. We have spent years perfecting the art of blending subtlety and brutality, and our subwoofer lines are the culmination of that quest. Our engineers use CAD and finite element analysis to design products, and finally our ears to ensure their perfection.

Building upon the foundation set by some of the most sought after SQ subs in the world, Ascendant Audio is forging new trails with our new 2011 model lineup.

25000 руб.
26000 руб.
27000 руб.
28000 руб.
36000 руб.
38000 руб.
40000 руб.
42000 руб.
50000 руб.
52000 руб.
55000 руб.
150000 руб.
165000 руб.
46000 руб.
47000 руб.
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