Skar Audio SK-AMP0

Архив товаров Skar Audio SK-AMP0
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Архив товаров Skar Audio SK-AMP0Архив товаров Skar Audio SK-AMP0
Архив товаров Skar Audio SK-AMP0Архив товаров Skar Audio SK-AMP0
Артикул: slamp0
НаличиеПод заказ
12 000 руб.
Производитель: Skar Audio
Тип : Комплекты проводки
Тип кабеля: Комплекты проводки
Серия: OFC
Сечение: 1/0 Ga Подробнее


Skar Audio Amplifier Wiring Kits set the standard in whats to be expected from the quality of the wire used when installing your amplifier(s). These kits are produced using only the highest grade materials, including Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Wire for maximum current transfer. Your amplifier can only put out as much power as you allow to transfer through the wiring used in the installation, so it is critical to use true gauge, high strand count, OFC wire. Also included in this kit are all necessary installation accessories and remote turn on wire.

Many companies are cutting costs by doing things such as using non-pure copper wire (CCA), minimal strand counts, etc. We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable and high performance products possible, and no expense was spared in the manufacturing of these wiring kits. You will be getting the best possible installation kit to go with your ampliifer.

Technical Specifications
Skar Audio 1/0 Gauge Professional Amplifier Wiring Kit
Model : SK-AMP0
Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Wire
Tinned Conductors for Corrosion Resistance
Designed for Systems up to 4,000 Watts or 300 Amps
High Strand Count, True Gauge Wire
Highly Flexible and Versatile Matte Jacket Finish Power (Light Blue) & Ground Wire (Grey)
17 Feet of 1/0 Gauge Light Blue Power Cable With the Nickel Ring Terminal and .8 Meters of Nylon Net
3 Feet of 0 Gauge Flexible Grey Ground Cable With Nickel Ring Terminal
17 Feet of 18 Gauge Blue Remote Turn on Wire Included
Nickel ANL Fuse Holder with 300 Amp ANL Fuse Included
(2 PCS) 1/0 Gaige Nickel Ring Terminals
(2 PCS) 4 Gauge Nickel Spade Terminals
(5 PCS) 18 Gauge Nickel Spade Terminals
(2 PCS) Heat Shrink Tubing
(1 PCS) Red Butt-Connector Included
(1 PCS) Black Wire Grommet
(1 PCS) Black Self-Tapping Screw
(10 PCS) Black Cable Ties
Skar Audio
Комплект проводов
1/0 Ga
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